Armageddon Creeped Out 44: Real Happy

Asslan finds that his indoctrination methods have left his minions a little bit too contented. Then some really strange folks show up. (Yes, even stranger that the currently established characters.)


Dude’s got some seriously unrealistic expectations regarding the abilities of his Beannie Babies collection, considering the pummeling he just received.

Sssssooooo…”BEEP BOOP BIMP BEEMP” is the 9-1-1 for the Time/Space Police, eh? Have to write that down.

Also: since the comment option isn’t appearing for the newest strip…”mystic’s license”? I suppose if I have to ask where I can sign up for one of those, I don’t qualify to have it…?

The comment option isn’t there? Odd… I just looked, and it shows up fine.

You have to be a real mystic to know how to get a mystic’s license — it’s just that mystical!

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