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Fission Chicken Special YES! IT'S THE SFA SPOTLIGHTS

It's 48 pages of smashin' chicken action with some
fetching pinups of Monica Fether and more exciting

"A Gross Imposition" - An arcane artifact infects FC
with the genetic code of an alien pop psychologist, thus
making him look mighty strange! Can Fish exorcise the
unwelcome (and vacuous) being before the change

becomes permanent?

"Island of Weird Shit" - After an overnight
thunderstorm, a strange island appears off the Jersey
coast. Oddly, it already seems well-established with
plant life. Livergut Labs, Scrood McMallard, and a
boatload of sightseers all come to look at the island...
but they don't know the island is looking at them.

48 pages, black and white. Might be rated PG-13 for
some language and comic violence. Why not get your
very own copy today? $4.99 plus 1.00 shipping.

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